Recovery Off Week Schedule

At Sonoma Boot camp, we like to take a week off from strength training every 3 months to allow our bodies a chance to heal and recover.  We encourage you to train your bodies in a way other than boot camp and strength training during this week.  We encourage extra stretching, foam rolling, and low impact activities such as yoga and walking during this week off.  We even offer a recovery workshop during your off week to help motivate and educate you on the importance of recovery work!

This week off is also a great time to take your "car" to the mechanic.  Please consider seeing specialists such as massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, or physical therapists to manage any ongoing chronic pain or injuries, or to prevent them altogether.  All effort that you give to your self recovery during this week will pay dividends to your performance and success over the next 3 months.

2018 Off Week Dates:

(Please mark your calendars - NO regular classes this week!)

March 19th

June 18th

September 17th

December 24th