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14 Day Fall Cleanse

Why should you do full-body detox?

It’s not something you “must” do, but it’s never a bad idea to cleanse your body from time to time. Every day you’re exposed to toxins, mostly from the food we eat, but negative emotions, bad habits, and environmental pollution can also contribute to the accumulation of these harmful substances.

If you don’t take the time to properly remove toxins from your body, eventually you’ll start having problems with your health. But by following a cleansing diet you can eliminate free radicals, which cause disease, and also help your body function more efficiently and perform its necessary functions at an optimal level.

Getting started with a detox diet

Before you begin, it’s important to keep some issues in mind. For example, you should remember that getting adequate rest is essential, and you also need to include plenty of protein and vitamins in your daily diet.  It's important to stay active, but to train at a lower intensity than what you're used to doing in our program.  We will be covering this topic more in detail at the informational kick off meeting on 10/12/17 @ 6pm PST.

During this two-week full-body detox program, it’s also a good idea to avoid consuming any of the following foods: gluten, grains, dairy, and sugar. You should also increase your intake of fruits and raw vegetables, as well as fiber, nuts, sea salt, and olive oil.

Create a little variety in your meals to keep from becoming bored. How? Try different recipes and keep your fridge filled with healthy food options. Eat often from the recipe meal plan included in this program - it includes tons of easy to make, nutritious healing recipes all designed to restore your health and get you looking and feeling your best! When it comes to beverages, during these two weeks it’s a good idea to avoid drinking any coffee, milk, sodas, or alcohol, as well as sports drinks or commercially-produced juices. Stick to green tea, natural juices, and homemade smoothies to keep your body feeling its best.

Water deserves its own paragraph, as it’s your primary source of hydration. A lot of people underestimate the power of water and don’t consume adequate amounts of it. During your two week full-body detox, try to increase your water intake to three liters a day. Furthermore, the first thing you should consume in the morning is a glass of warm water with the juice from half a lemon, to give your liver and kidneys the jump start they need to start eliminating fats and toxins.

Another important aspect of this full-body detox is to cleanse the intestines. To facilitate this, you’ll need to eat a lot of fiber: try increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, include lots of starchy vegetable carbohydrates such as, sweet potato, white potato, squashes and plantains.  Also eat plenty of nuts and seeds.

It’s likely that during your first few days you’ll experience headaches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, stomach cramps, muscle or joint pain, and even skin rashes. Don’t panic though – these are mild symptoms that merely indicate that your body is eliminating toxins in various ways. Just take it slow. At the end of the first day, or definitely by the end of the second or third, you should feel a lot better.

It’s also likely that you’ll notice you’ve lost some weight, probably between four to six pounds. This is due to your body ridding itself of toxins and restoring your metabolism.

Foods that are essential to a full-body detox diet

In addition to following the above advice, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the quintessential foods for a full-body detox. Buy them from the start and keep them stocked around the kitchen during your two weeks of cleansing!


Watercress is an excellent source of vitamins C and E, as well as beta-carotene and minerals. It’s great for your liver and kidneys.

Starchy Vegetables (Sweet & White potatoes, Squashes, Plantains)

This works like a “sponge” to absorb and then remove the toxins that build up in the walls of your intestines. You’ll pass them as solid waste, and the end result will be a better functioning digestive system and healthier looking skin.


The fiber contained in apples is another good one for your intestinal health. Drink a glass of all-natural apple juice every day to flush out toxins and reduce cholesterol levels. You can also eat as many raw apples as you want.


Grapes contain tons of antioxidants, such as bioflavonoids. They help protect your cells and stimulate the cleansing process.


Parsley is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. This amazing herb helps improve kidney function, making them better able to filter out toxic substances from the bloodstream.


Celery fights the buildup of uric acid and helps your body metabolize waste. It also purifies the liver and cleanses the urinary tract.


Lemons also eliminate uric acid, reduce plaque buildup, and balance your body’s pH, reducing your susceptibility to disease.


This delicious fruit helps to cleanse the gallbladder, regulate blood pressure, and remove any excess fluid retained in the body thanks to its content of vitamin C and potassium.

Ready to get started?

Here's the details:

Cleanse begins on Sunday October 15th and ends on Sunday October 29th.

What's Included?

  • 14 Days of Unlimited 24/7 support from myself and our Nutritionist Lauren Henkel

  • Private Facebook Support Group with lots of additional support from our members.

  • Blueprint for success guide, loaded with resources and info to help you get the most from this cleanse!

  • Recipe meal book loaded with easy to make, highly detoxifying recipes, all designed to nourish you and restore your health on the highest levels.

  • Cheat Sheet Guide - helps you take the guess work out of making quick easy meal choices.

  • Fresh juice & smoothie recipe book loaded with delicious fresh juice and smoothie recipes.

  • Informational Kick Off Meeting on Thursday 10/12/17 @ 6pm-7pm PST via webinar to go over the program in detail, answer any questions you might have, and to get you set up for success!

Space is limited and fills up fast! You do not need to be a part of the boot camp program to participate in this cleanse!  Anyone can do it, from any place! 


Member Pricing = $39

Non-Member Pricing = $39 without Boot Camp training, $99 with 2 weeks of Boot Camp training included at our beautiful outdoor Sonoma facility.


Call or email Sabrina to Reserve YOUR Spot TODAY!!

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